If you or your students are dreaming about receiving European education at affordable price, then you are more than welcome to consider Bulgaria as a destination for your studies. In the recent few years, Bulgaria is becoming more and more popular for international students – by latest data from UNESCO some 10 000 foreign students chose to follow their university degrees here.

Bulgaria is a country with rich traditions and history and nowadays is part of the European Union. It is a country located in one of the most interesting and intriguing regions of the world – Balkan Peninsula, a place where West meets the East. Therefore, Bulgaria has very close ties with both parties and as a student you can also benefit from this fruitful partnership.

  • Quality of education: Bulgarian universities offer high quality education which is delivered according to European standards. Higher education diplomas from accredited Bulgarian universities are accepted in all other countries of the European Union and rest of the world.
  • Gateway to Europe: studying in Bulgaria can open doors for you for your international or European career. Coming to study here will help you become European citizen and employee. All other European countries and capitals are just two or three hour flight away – you can easily travel or relocate after your studies.
  • Affordable tuition fees and cost of living: tuition fees at Bulgarian universities are quite affordable, you can receive university degree at a reasonable price and cost of living is much less than in other European countries.
  • Smooth admission process: it is not that easy to get accepted to a medical degree in United Kingdom for instance, however in Bulgaria you can be accepted if you are not straight A student. Smoothing the process of admission is part of our job.
  • Beautiful country with incredibly warm people: Bulgaria is beautiful, either its cities either its outdoors. Living here you will have access to excellent summer and winter resorts, outstanding cousins and the most precious – Bulgarian people who are incredibly warm and hospitable. We can assure you that you will fall in love from the first sight 🙂
  • Safety: Bulgaria is safe country, not triggered by wars or any other major political conflicts. Going to bed without locking the door is so typical for many cities.
  • Employers are hungry for talents: Bulgaria has reached one of its lowest points of unemployability since decades and many major investors and employers in the country are experiencing problematic talent acquisition. For you it means that this is a possibility to show yourself as a promising employee and professional and nail that job interview 🙂
United Kingdom

Statistics: uis.unesco.org

  • Research and consult you regarding the best and most suitable degree and university for you
  • Organise a visit for you at a Bulgarian university
  • Advise you on how to prepare for the admission process
  • Assist you with you application online or submit documents on your behalf
  • Consult you about visa collection process
  • Meet you and guide you during your first days in Bulgaria
  • Be the mediator between you and your university
Room in a student dormitory €100
Meal at inexpensive restaurant €5
Loaf of bread €0.5
Milk 1 l €0.6
Eggs 12 pcs €1.2
Public transport ticket €0.8

Tuition fees at Bulgarian universities start at €1500 and are up to €8000 per year.

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