About Study Buddy

Study Buddy is a professional educational consultant specifying in study destinations where it is possible for Bulgarian students to study higher education for free, receive a scholarship or obtain study loan. It is founded by Marika Vasileva, an educational consultant with enduring experience in the field of international higher education and expertise of being and educational expat in Russia, Netherlands and Sweden. She posses Bachelor of International Business Management in Tourism Management from Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands and Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from Uppsala University, Sweden and speaks fluently Bulgarian, Russian and English. Marika is on her way to become an ICEF Certified Agent.

Марика Василева

Study Buddy offers two main services:

  • Online seminars where prospective students can learn more about the application process and how to make their own application to universities in particular country
  • Individual consultations and guidance to its students and individual application packages

What are the main values and duties of Study Buddy?

  • To give quality service and cater a niche of prospective students in Bulgaria, ambitious enough to pursue a degree abroad, but not able not afford paying large tuition fees
  • To present 100% realistic information about study destinations, universities, programs, application processes, rankings
  • To be trustworthy and reliable partner to its peers
  • To educate, motivate and entertain its students
  • Study Buddy works online and is not attached to an office and doing this we follow the global trend of eliminating office spaces and attaining happy customers who pay affordable service fees and happy employees who work from the comfort of their homes 🙂
Марика Василева
Марика Василева

If you are an educational institution or international organization or you simply work in the field of international education, you are more than welcome to contact Study Buddy and discuss possible partnership.

Why you should consider Bulgarian student market?

  • Highly ambitious students and parents, education is traditionally top family priority
  • More and more local students are disappointed by the quality and content of national higher education and are looking for options abroad. Some schools in the country register statistics of 50% of their alumni studying abroad.
  • Excellent multi-language speakers, most students are not only fluent in English, but also in one more foreign language – German, Spanish, French, Russian, etc.
  • According to national governmental bodies’ statistics there are 7000 Bulgarian student in Germany (Federal Ministry of Education in Germany), 6500 Bulgarian students in UK (HESA), 3000 Bulgarian students in the Netherlands (DUO), 1500 Bulgarian students in Austria (Unesco) and 1300 Bulgarian students in Denmark (Unesco). Those are only top 5 study destinations for Bulgarians, numerous other students study in other destinations.
  • Bulgarians are hard workers, flexible, achievers. They will fit distinctively into your international student group and will become a notable alumni of your university.

Still not convinced? Schedule an online meeting to learn more 🙂